Today I’m going to talk about the Performance Compound in Tampa, FL.


The Performance Compound is a phenomenal training facility in a perfect location right on the beach of Tampa Bay. As we speak they are currently undergoing some renovations to really make this facility a state of the art training environment. They already have a great location and great instructors. The two owners are Jason Riley and Yo Murphy. Jason has numerous exercise science degrees and and previously was a director at the IMG Academy in Bradenton which is also home to many professional athletes. Yo Murphy has played professional football for 14 years. He has spent time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and also won a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams. Both men are not only highly qualified and experienced, but great guys as well. How do I know this??

I TRAIN THERE! I’m a professional baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds.

Who else trains at The Performance Compound In Tampa, FL?

-Derek Jeter
-Ryan Howard
-BJ Upton
-Michael Crabtree
-Will Allen
-Quincy Black
-Jared Jeffries
-Al Harrington
-Maria Sharapova
-Freddy Adu

… And the list goes on and on…Along with many others not named.

Can I work out at The Performance Compound In Tampa, FL even if I am not a professional athlete?


The performance compound trains all types of people…ranging from the highest profile athletes to college, high school and youth athletes as well as the normal joe or jane that just likes to get a great workout in with highly qualified specialists in an atmosphere surrounded by professionals. Where else can you find that?!

Whats the price? This sounds pretty pricey…

Well surprisingly it’s not.

Also there are many other amenities such as supplements such as “elementz nutrition” which I highly recommend for simple all natural protein and energy boosts.

They also have personal massage therapists and yoga instructors. You can can train in a group or do one on one instruction.

They have open classes for all kinds of exercise.

And more.

If you would like to check out the company website and read more about the facility, their owners and instructors, their professional clients, their amenities, and contacts and any other questions you can check out their website right here:


Sean Buckley – Empowernetwork.com



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