director of sports performance

Yo played college football at the University of Idaho where he was selected for the All-American Team and was later inducted into the university's first Football Hall of Fame in 2009. He combines 15 years of experience as a collegiate and professional football player, plus expertise in strength and conditioning to get athletes of all ages physically fit to perform on a competitive level. Yo had a long and rewarding career in the NFL Europe, Canadian Football League, and the National Football League.

He left his mark in the NFL Europe with MVP performance in World Bowl Championship (Scottish Claymores 1996) and an induction into the Claymores Hall of Fame. He also had a championship career in the Canadian Football League, winning a Grey Cup Championship as a member of the Vancouver Lions (1992) and the Saskatchewan Roughriders (2007). Yo's seven‐year NFL career was spent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, St Louis Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs. His NFL career culminated with an NFC East Championship with the St. Louis Rams and Super Bowl XXXVI for the St Louis Rams, where he returned the opening kick‐off for 40-yards. This is Yo's area of expertise: training athletes to attain the level of performance and fitness they need to excel.

He displays a constant commitment to youth fitness by ensuring young athletes adopt healthy habits early and get strong the right way. He has conducted speed and skills camps for high school athletes in Florida and in Idaho, Yo's native state. Yo has also developed training programs for both college athletes preparing for combines and for professional athletes playing in a variety sports.

Yo had a successful career because he was a tough, hard-working, talented and committed athlete who spent very little time in the training room because of his excellent conditioning. He believes peak performance on the field depends on the hard work done off the field. Yo brings the same personal commitment to all of his clients' training programs. His attitude toward training is the cornerstone to his success as a performance coach.



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the hybrid coaches are passionate, thoughtful, and best at what they do. they seek to develop athletes of all levels. whether it’s your first time doing a squat or you have lifted weights for years, you will be supported, coached, and cared for.

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