Our results speak for themselves… over 300 pro athletes excelling through training

injury prevention

A primary focus of our training is to keep our athletes healthy and competing at the highest level throughout their career.


PC will increase your range of motion through a customized program including regen & prehab activities to improve your overall performance; speed, agility, strength.

stability & balance

Increase reaction times by strengthening all connection points stemming from the core. Better balance will lead to more control of your body and movements.

strenght & power

Power and strength translate into force, the key behind any Compound athlete's success.

dynamic movement

PC understands that in order to be successful, athletes have to be able to move dynamically. With focus on the lower body movements, we will address not only speed, but also ability to harness that speed through changing angles.


Rather than simply focusing on your overall endurance, we condition you in the movements specific to those most valuable in your sport and position.

of the month

Chris Archer | Pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays

Congratulations Chris Archer for your great season as a first-time All-Star.

"Besides basic training, The Compound also has position-specific trainers who are very experienced. I was privileged to learn from Ridel Anthony and Yo Murphy, two ex pros with respectable careers. I also got to see defensive linemen working with Booger McFarland, a very heralded player in NFL."

Nelson Agholor | Philadelphia Eagles - Wide Receiver

"The Compound was an integral part of my NFL combine success. Thru their individualized approach, they provided the foundation for me to perform at my personal best at the combine."

Dustin Keller | Miami Dolphins

"Working with teammate RHP Chris Archer at Tampa’s Performance Compound, whose past clients included Derek Jeter, Odorizzi — coming off a solid 11-13, 4.13 rookie season — was very pleased with the program."

Jake Odorizzi | Pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays

"When I arrived at The Compound, my body was worn down. The medical and performance staff have such great synergy. They were instrumental in maximizing my performance at the combine."

Tyson Jackson | Atlanta Falcons

"The Compound provided everything I needed to be successful at my pro-day. The staff did an amazing job getting me ready in such a short amount of time, and they continue to prepare me before every season."

Sedrick Ellis | New Orleans Saints

"I've been fortunate to have had some great strength and speed coaches, most of all at the Performance Compound in Tampa."

Tim Smyczek – Professional Tennis Player

"At the Compound they told me if I followed the plan I would be successful at my pro day. I followed it and not only improved on my combine numbers but had a great day!"

Paul Dawson

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